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Our experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Oregon can help you with your work comp benefits.

How to File for Workers' Compensation Benefits in Oregon

How to File a Workers' Compensation Claim

Oregon's workers' compensation laws change frequently. Goin Law Group recommends consulting with an Oregon workers' compensation lawyer if you need to file a claim. In general, this process begins by notifying your supervisor of the injury. Oregon law currently requires all workers to notify their employer of an injury within 90 days. Many employers have specific claims reporting procedures you should follow. After notifying your employer of the injury, your employer should ask you to complete a form 801. It is the employer's duty to provide you with a form 801; however, copies of the form 801 can also be obtained by clicking below. A video explaining how to fill out a form 801 is also provided below. After filling out the form 801, you should see a medical professional for your work injury. It is very important you file a claim as soon as possible after the injury occurs. It is also very important you seek medical treatment without delay following the on the job injury.

Common Work Injuries

Senior Hispanic worker suffering  back injury inside building


Wrist Brace

Carpal Tunnel 

Shoulder Injuries , young woman with pain in shoulder, Ache in human body , office syndrom

Shoulder Injuries

African black man suffers from elbow joint pain or arm bone osteoporosis; concept of tenni


A person getting injured.jpg


Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss

Steps to Follow if You are Injured on the Job

the injury

Every claim begins with a first report of injury. Work injuries should be reported as soon as they occur. Don't rely on telling your supervisor or a coworker. Complete a form 801 and give it to your employer immediately. 

Get urgent
medical treatment

Seek medical treatment immediately after a work injury occurs. Do not wait until the next day or allow your employer to convince you to wait before seeking medical care.

Call a workers' compensation attorney

Discuss your rights with an experienced Oregon workers' compensation attorney. 

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Client Reviews

Nathan is an absolute wonderful lawyer he was able to help me win my case and get me the right care that I need it! He was by my side the whole time I trust him and he made sure I was being treated fairly no matter what! I am grateful to him for the rest of my life and if you need a real lawyer who is honest who is loyal he’s kind and understanding he’s your man!

Avan A.

Talk to Our Experienced
Oregon Workers' Comp Lawyer

Nathan Goin began his career as a claims examiner for one of the major workers' compensation insurers in Oregon. Through this experience, he learned firsthand how workers' compensation insurers view injured workers, manage their claims, value settlements and, ultimately, attempt to close claims while paying as little as possible. Nathan's legal career now focuses on fighting for the rights of injured workers to ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve. 

We understand how difficult the workers' compensation process can be for an injured worker. Goin Law Group values every client and will work tirelessly to maximize your benefits. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Oregon workers' compensation attorney today. Call now for assistance with your claim. You don't have to do this alone.

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